Teacher Resigns After Filming OnlyFans Videos at School

A middle school teacher, who says she made OnlyFans videos as a side hustle to supplement her meager income, has resigned from her position after feeling “pressure.”

Samantha Peer taught science for five years at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Her husband, Dillon Peer, is also a teacher.

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In a recent Facebook video, she claims she started an OnlyFans account with Dillon when they couldn’t pay the bills.

“I created content at the beginning of the summer in order to earn extra money on the side to help pay for our basic necessities that our salaries were no longer meeting,” Peer said. “I chose an anonymous name as well as blocking the entire state of Arizona on my OnlyFans so that it wasn’t accessible to anyone living in the state.”

Using the alias “Khloe Karter,” Peer and her husband filmed X-rated videos—some allegedly on school grounds during off hours.

Somehow, students at the school caught wind of the extracurricular activities and started sharing images amongst themselves, according to Today’s News-Herald. A member of the community eventually contacted the police.

“The teacher was later identified to be Samantha Peer,” the police said in a statement. “Additionally, it was reported that some of the pornographic image(s) of Mrs. Peer depicted her in a classroom-type setting, presumably on Thunderbolt School Property. The superintendent of schools was advised of the report, and it was learned at that time that they had also received the same information that was initially forwarded to the police department.”

The police are still investigating if any laws were broken.

Pressured to resign

Peer insists she wasn’t fired but placed on paid administrative leave and probation by Lake Havasu Unified School District pending an investigation. She decided to resign after receiving unwanted attention from the public.

Her husband was fired from his school a few days later.

Many Thunderbolt parents are upset about what they say their kids see online.

“That was my friend’s daughter’s desk. And she is mortified over the situation,” Kristina Minor, a student’s mother, told WSAZ News. “She [Peer] doesn’t care knowing students have seen her everything and on students’ desks.”

“I am absolutely outraged,” said Alea Bilski, another student’s mother. “Our kids shouldn’t have been exposed to this.”

Peer says angry parents and kids have harassed her and even pressured her gym to cancel her membership.

But she insists she only created the OnlyFans as a harmless way to make ends meet.

“It got to the point where our family was not able to survive on our two teacher incomes,” she said.

Teachers in Arizona are among the lowest-paid in the U.S.

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