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67 concepts for life

Concept 1: Chance Favors The Brave – To make a change in my life— I raise my standards and believe I can meet them. I have developed a sense of certainty. It’s not what I do once in a while that shapes my life, but what I do consistently.

Concept 2: Choices – I always have the freedom to choose how I approach something and what I allow it to mean to me.

Concept 3: Patience and Gratitude – squashes obsession and desperation.

Concept 4: I Am A Man Of My Word – If I say I will do something— I do it. I find a way to tell the truth in every situation regardless of my ego. Sometimes holding my tongue is the best response.

Concept 5: The Power Of Habit – I establish a loud cue, a solid routine, and a legit reward. A routine for 66 days becomes a habit. Each learned habit unlocks another level of improvement. I am 100% committed to my daily disciplines of success without exception.

Concept 6: The Power Of Now I ground my body in the present. I focus on the positive. I do not complain. I accept the past but I have also let go of it— leaving judgment behind. I cannot go back, I can only go forward.

Concept 7: Progress – I compare myself to who I was yesterday and not to who someone else is today.

Concept 8: Enthusiasm – breeds persistence which turns into momentum. Momentum gets me into a flow state and the flow state is the best state.

Concept 9: Proper Diet – I stop eating before I am full. No eating after 9 pm. No artificial anything. Remember greens. I don't keep a lot of food at the house (only essentials).

Concept 10: I Only Get To Keep What I Give – I volunteer and donate my time and money. I am involved in my community. I am an important part of my community. I am reliable and relatable.

Concept 11: Think And Grow Rich – I visualize my success. I write affirmations daily. I am decisive. I go with my gut and find a path to a solution in every problem.

Concept 12: Quiet – I meditate a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

Concept 13: Sleep Hypnosis – I use the advantages of binaural frequencies, looped affirmations, hypnosis recordings, and lucid dreaming control.

Concept 14: No Excuses – I practice self-discipline. If one cannot focus and concentrate, then they will have to work for someone else… who will make that person focus and concentrate, and who will supervise them? I, conversely, force myself to do what I know I should do. I have developed courage.

Concept 15: Don't Bite Nails – There is no room in my life for worry, regret, or anxiety.

Concept 16: Break On Through To the Other Side At least once a year I schedule a psychedelic experience in a controlled environment where I can examine the deeper parts of myself and 'clear the cobwebs'.

Concept 17: Media Diet I avoid most all media. I limit social media.

Concept 18: Define And Remind My Values I write goals and affirmations in a spiral notebook. I review them and this list every day. I have uncovered the beliefs that empower me. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Concept 19: Giving Is Better Than Receiving – I get to keep what I give.

Concept 20: Speak From The Middle Of The Chest This part of the body holds more bass which, when projected comes across as more grounded and full.

Concept 21: Be The Hero In My Own Movie Discipline, confidence, and honesty will get me through anything. I stay on the path. I never waste a crisis— I don't miss the lessons in problems. I can only manage what I can measure.

Concept 22: Develop Rituals And Traditions Experience divinity, celebrate holidays with friends and create memories that will last. Develop my own prayer of thanksgiving and purpose.

Concept 23: Practice Good Posture (The Alexander Technique)

Concept 24: Make Friends With Inner Dialog I talk to myself like an awesome coach. What are the repeating questions that I ask myself daily? Is it possible to ask better questions?

Concept 25: Laws Of Power

  1. Win through actions, never through argument.
  2. Forgiveness is a big part of life.
  3. What came first always seems more original than what follows. I don't get lost in the shadows of those who came before me. I have established my own name and identity.

Concept 26: Law Of Attraction We attract into our lives people, things, and events that have the same vibrational energy as ours. We act like magnets.

Concept 27: Be A Better Friend Be a good listener. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely. Appeal to the nobler motives. Avoid gossip. Talk about my own mistakes before criticizing. Ask tough questions instead of telling them what 'they should do'.

Concept 28: Everyone Admires The Bold – The timid are frowned upon. Consequently, I do not choose a course of action half-heartedly. It’s always better to act boldly. I don't half-ass anything. Few are born bold. It’s a habit that needs to be cultivated. It must be practiced. Likewise, timidity is also a learned trait. If one finds themselves acting timidly, they must root this out and replace it with acts of boldness instead.

Concept 29: Never Let Them Catch You In Your Gym Clothes – I make my success appear easy. I conceal the toil and time I spent to attain it.

Concept 30: The Art Of War Every battle is won or lost in the mind first. I choose my battles carefully. I don’t react quickly to a negative situation or person. If I find myself in static— I first write a letter letting it all out and then I sit with it for a bit. Most of the time writing it out is cathartic enough. I move from a place of maturity and dignity.

Concept 31: Let The Right Ones In If I wouldn't recommend a "friend" to a loved one then why am I friends with them?

Concept 32: Reality Check Lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. It's not what I know, it's how I live. It’s my decisions, and not my conditions, that determine my destiny.

Concept 33: Pain I deal with some short-term pain in order to gain long-term pleasure.

Concept 34: Keep Score Of The Good – I remind myself of my progress and positive accomplishments daily.

Concept 35: Faith Faith takes practice. I must practice faith enthusiastically. Faith untested gets smaller.

Concept 36: No Fear fear kills. I am able to make decisions regardless of my environment.

Concept 37: Ikigai – is the union point of four fundamental components of life: passion, vocation, profession, and mission. In other words, where; what I love meets what I am good at, meets what I can be valued and paid for meets that which the world needs.

Concept 38: Breathwork Wim Hof method: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tybOi4hjZFQ)

Concept 39: Negativity – A negative attitude destroys genius.

Concept 40: He's A Clean Machine – Fresh breath, clean teeth, fitting clothes, clean fingernails, fingers out of mouth and off of face, easy & pleasant smells, speak clearly and at a good volume, keep a clean room, a clean car, practice manners, avoid interrupting people, stand for introductions, hold doors for everyone, let people cut in front, no road rage, chew with mouth closed & small bites, always give genuine hellos' and goodbyes' (esp. to host(s)).

Concept 41: Know The Difference – btwn manic desire and passion. Keep passion on a logical path.

Concept 42: Take Healthy Risks – I am continually clearing out the old to make the necessary space for the new things I want in my life.

Concept 44: Always Be Learning – As I keep increasing my knowledge and skills, I am substantially increasing my potential to succeed. I am constantly developing more productive habits that lead me to a greater life.

Concept 44: Values Must Be Congruent With Goals – Write out values and goals– connect them.

Concept 46: Be Careful What I Want That Others Have – for I don't know what it has truly cost them.

Concept 47: The Best Is Yet To Come – Life is filled with answers.

Concept 48: Prioritize – Conserve energy and do the most important stuff first while willpower is at its highest level. Which area and what big aspiration, once fulfilled, will change everything and will have the biggest positive impact on your journey?

Concept 49: Learn Where To Ask For Advice – I am clear and specific when I am asking.

Concept 50: Everyday Is A Gift – I am constantly aware that my world today is full of abundance and opportunity. I am now in the habit of visualizing the events of my ideal day the night before. I take daily action and do five specific things that move me towards the completion of my goal(s).

Concept 51: Always be looking for Better Words – manifest a better life.

Concept 52: What Is The Source Of My Power? – Resourcefulness, and how far I am willing to go to achieve my goals and dreams. When I'm resourceful, it doesn’t matter what I lack– money, education, self-confidence, or anything else. I will figure out a way to fill the gap and acquire what I need to achieve my goals.

Concept 53: Am I A Victim Or A Creator? – I cultivate responsibility and extreme accountability. I am responsible for my responses and reactions.

Concept 54: Thought Police – I stop dumb, crap thoughts immediately when I notice them.

Concept 55: How To Let Go And Still Care – I surrender to peace. I let heavy things move through and away.

Concept 56: Procrastinate – bad habits.

Concept 57: Help Others Achieve Their Dreams – I listen to new ideas shared by positive thinking people and help implement them with full confidence and optimism.

Concept 58: Stretch In The Morning – A flexible body leads a flexible mind. (Back Pain – tension myositis syndrome)

Concept 60: Joy – often involves self-forgetting.

Concept 61: Stop Thinking – I acknowledge, then I let it go. watch the thinker.

Concept 62: Move With Finesse – Those who don't keep score move with grace.

Concept 63: Conviction – I stand for something bigger than myself.

Concept 64: Own The Psychology – I am aware of my compulsions, core beliefs, fears and inner dialogue. Understanding how my brain works is necessary in order for me to level up.

Concept 65: Loyalty – Those who are loyal are never forgotten.

Concept 66: Character – Is shown in one's consistent behavior regardless of who's watching- I keep it righteous.

Concept 67: Investing – When investing I am non-impulsive and properly researched. I invest outside of emotion– mine and others.


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