r/motivation – 🔥 These 2 quotes have had the heaviest impact on my motivation and my life/business results over this last year, by far. I'm very grateful to Nietzsche and whoever wrote this "hierarchy of fate" quote.

Understanding what I call the hierarchy of fate has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had. Some may have heard this quote a long time ago, so sorry if this is old news to some of you, but for the people like me who are only just now stumbling accross it or don't mind a refresh, it goes something like this:

"Watch your thoughts, they become your words,

watch your words they become your actions,

watch your actions they become your habits,

watch your habits they become your character,

watch your character it becomes your destiny. "

To build your ideal destiny consistently, just reverse engineer that quote.

Ask, what kind of destiny do I want?

Then once you've created a vision (preferably clear, detailed and written out on paper), ask yourself,

What kind of character will I need to build that destiny?

Then, what kind of habits do I need to create to build that character?

Then, what kind of actions do I need to take to create those habits?

And finally, what kind of thoughts should I have every day, and what words should I speak every day, to create those actions?

Nietzsche wrote:

"I was in darkness but I took three steps

and found myself in paradise

the first step was a good thought

the second a good word

and the third, a good deed."

And to take that a couple steps further – if you carry out good deeds consistently you build habits which form your character which becomes your destiny.

(If you prefer video over text, this one summarizes and expounds on those quotes pretty well –


It's crazy how a few words can change your life – that's how deeply this "thoughts/habits/destiny"quote impacted me and my business over the last few years and especially 2021.

We doubled our revenue in 2021, and I can honestly say it's because of the habits I built using the monolithic insights packed into that little quote (plus Nietzsche's, which is very similar).

So thank you Lao Tzu or whoever wrote that quote.

(Sidenote – Does anyone know who actually wrote that quote?)

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