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The art of paying attention. You can get unique idea about creativity. This article based on journalist Wendy Mac Naughton’s Speech. All right, here’s where I’m going to take a risk. I’m going to say think a seminar Room. That every single person in that room used to sketch as a child. You could have been sketching when you were approximately four or five years old, when a grown-up walked up and said, “What’s that?” “It’s a face,” you said. “That’s not what a face looks like,” they said. “This is what a face looks like.” They then proceeded to draw this. We have a circle, two almonds for eyes, an upside-down seven scenario, and finally a curving line. What’s more, guess what? This isn’t so much a face as it is a symbol. It’s a kind of visual shorthand, and it’s how we see so much of our environment nowadays. Related Article – Why Do We Have Dreams? Amazing Health Benefits Sleeping With Science.

Unique Creativity And The Art of Paying Attention

Because our brains can’t digest all of the information that comes at us all of the time, we fill in the gaps with patterns. We see a lot of what we expect to see. I’m going to teach you a quick way to retrain your brain to look. Have you all received an envelope with the words “do not open” written on it? It’s time to open the mail, so grab it. A pencil and a piece of paper should be supplied. Please turn to someone next to you after you’ve finished that. Someone you don’t know is ideal. This is what we’re doing, people. This is what we’re doing. Great. Is it true that everyone has found a partner? Now turn around and face me.

You’re going to sketch each other, but don’t worry, this isn’t about drawing well; that’s not what we’re doing here; we’re looking, and that’s all we’re doing here. Don’t worry, I promise everyone will be bad. You’ll sketch each other using only two simple guidelines. For starters, you’ll never lift your pencil off the paper. There is only one line. No, believe me on this one. Because this is about gazing, never lift the pencil from one continuous line. So keep your gaze fixed on the person you’re sketching. Place your pencil in the centre of the page now. Look your companion in the eyes.


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