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When life seems to be throwing a bunch of curve balls lately and I find myself stressing over a whole bunch of nonsense, I have to force myself to stop and ask… What's most important here?

Perspective is something we all tend to loose from time to time. Me… I tend to loose sight of what's most important more often than I care to admit. And what I find that helps to bring me back on track and regain focus and perspective is to ask that all-too-important but simple question.

When you force yourself to narrow your thoughts to the crucial things in life, this tends to by nature take your mind off of the stupid things that don't matter much.

Like… The fact that you're going to be 5 minutes late for work, even tho you've been on time for 2 months straight, Or that you might not have all your Christmas presents wrapped just perfectly and placed under the tree 2 weeks ahead of time like you like to every year, Or that you can't find the right outfit to go to that all-important Christmas party. I could go on…

The next time you get stressed out and get upset that things aren't going well, stop and ask yourself… What REALLY matters in my life? Things like… your family, the fact that you have a hot meal tonight, and that you're healthy.

It's all about focusing on the important and taking your mind off of the less important. Motivation today to check your perspective.

Because how you perceive things are really how they are in reality…to you. So make sure your reality is filled with the things that matter.

If you want to check out the short… https://youtu.be/wr5YVuUBFTE

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