r/motivation – Discouragement 😣 Don't Let It Get to You

This goes out to the folks who may feel a little discouraged after celebrating Thanksgiving.

There's nothing quite like the Thanksgiving table. It's about like an amplifier to how you feel about your life at the moment. If everything is grand, all is on-track… school's going great, you're satisfied with your job, you're where you want to be financially (etc)… then all is well and you're happy to talk to your relatives about the goin-ons in your life.

But if the opposite is true… you're failing chemistry, your job's less than stable, your marriage is on the rocks (etc, etc, ETC)… then the last thing you want to do at that table is talk about yourself. And unfortunately that's what the Holidays are all about when family gets together…everyone's asking how you've been and how you're progressing. They want an update of course.

So here's a little encouragement for those of you who perhaps feel a little down about yourself this day after Thanksgiving. Remember, you needn't compare yourself to your successful brothers or sisters.

If you haven't achieved all that you want at this point in your life, that is between you… and you. No one else.

Go at your own pace, and compare yourself to no one.

Here's some motivation to keep hope alive. Keep going, you're doing great. I'm proud of you.

https://youtu.be/PInmzf0Z7vU for the short 30 sec video

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