r/motivation – Have you ever thought something and instantaneously got Goosebumps all over your body?

If you get goosebumps from listening to music or when you get inspired, you have to know that this is your Spiritual energy coming from your true self.

Your true self also has senses that your physical body has kind of put to the side. Senses of a psychic nature because we are Spiritual beings.

These senses can easily be regained access to when used with your spiritual energy. I call this energy "Spiritual chills" (gas-like movement underneath your skin when your goosebumps occurs).

(This can be summoned without goosebumps but recognizing it there first is a great start to it's conscious control.)

It goes by many different names like Euphoria, Voluntary Piloerection, Ecstasy, Prana, Chi, Qi, Vayus, Aura, Tummo, Mana, Life force, Pitī, Rapture, Ruah, Ether, Nephesch, Chills, Goosebumps, The Force and many more.

Here's my Reddit community r/spiritualchills where you can share your own experiences, talk and ask questions about your experience with this. My YouTube Channel where you can find videos about the subject under "Spiritual chills". And My website if you want to know the more updated usages and ways to control it.

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