IKEA and New Ventures selected 11 startups with social impact that will be part of the ‘Mexico Accelarator Program’

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Mexico Accelerator Program is an initiative created by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures that seeks to promote entrepreneurship with environmental and social impact in Mexico. It is a personalized program, lasting one year, that offers strategic support, training and specialized mentoring. The main objective of this initiative is to prepare the selected companies to scale their business and potentially link to the value chain of some large corporate. At the end of the program, the startups will compete for a seed capital of $ 50,000 to continue scaling their business.


The launch of the call for the second edition of this great initiative was held from July 19 to August 30, 2021 to search for the most incredible impact ventures in Mexico. Thanks to the efforts of allies and the media, 331 records of undertakings located in different states of the Mexican Republic were received. The selection process was from August 30 to October 15, where at the end, 11 startups were chosen to be part of the 2021 generation.

“Our vision at IKEA is to improve the day-to-day life of most people. We join with New Ventures because we believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the necessary duo to transform any environment, and that includes generating and developing projects that positively impact the community. We are very excited because we know that the selected companies make a real difference in different communities and in the environment, and that they are willing to imagine a present and a future in Mexico looking for new ways that social environments stop being a challenge ”, commented Malcolm Pruys, Country Manager at IKEA Mexico.

After weeks of convocation and selection, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures announce the 11 entrepreneurs with environmental and social impact that will be part of the Mexico Accelerator Program 2021:

  • Community Bios (El Equimite),
  • Recycle Electronics,
  • Ban Qu,
  • Griyum,
  • Queen Bee,
  • Land of Monte,
  • Kip Tik,
  • Basics of Mexico,
  • Xilinat,
  • Toroto and
  • Smartfish.

Projects were sought that want to improve the quality of life of the greatest number of people through sectors such as sustainable products, artisan products, agribusiness, responsible consumption, alternative proteins, circularity and waste management, logistics and sustainable raw materials.

Armando Laborde, partner at New Ventures, expressed “New Ventures is pleased to have this alliance with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, which allows us to support the great work of impact entrepreneurship; innovative models that show us that there are other ways of doing business taking care of the planet and society ”.

“Social entrepreneurs who address social challenges are often pioneers. We are excited to welcome the 11 social ventures that will join our accelerator together with New Venture Mexico. In a world with great challenges, collaboration and mutual learning are key ”, commented Åsa Skogström Feldt, Manager of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship BV

In addition to the incredible opportunities for training and access to seed capital; Entrepreneurs receive mentoring in 3 main axes: OKR Mentor : 3 mentors specialized in business strategy support companies to reach their acceleration goals and solve their bottlenecks; IKEA Co-workers : The IKEA team offers personalized coaching to entrepreneurs; and Sustainable Minds Network : They have access to New Ventures’ network of high-level mentors to see different specialized topics in their sector.

On November 4, the inauguration event will take place, where the ventures of the 2020 edition will graduate for the closing of the program and the 11 companies that will be part of this generation will be welcomed.

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