Prophetic 2007 Tom Cruise Movie Clip Circulates After Afghanistan Exit

A clip from the 2007 movie Lions for Lambs is circulating the internet due to its eerily accurate predictions about events surrounding America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Lions for Lambs features an all-star cast with names like Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and Andrew Garfield. Although the movie’s cast is impressive, it still struggled at the box office when it was released and also faced a barrage of bad reviews by critics.

Lions for Lambs centers around the war in Afghanistan, analyzing the government and personal responses to a Taliban attack that leaves two American soldiers stranded in enemy territory. Cruise plays a senator from Illinois who tries to use his plan for the situation to increase support for an upcoming presidential bid. He invites a liberal reporter to interview him about his ideas in hopes that he can win her and her devoted readers over.

In one of the movie’s more memorable scenes, the journalist suggests that the United States should simply remove its troops from Afghanistan. The response he gives is a surprisingly accurate foresight detailing the insurrection and lasting effects that would occur if the US withdrew from the nation. Television actor and director Kevin Sorbo pointed out the uncanny resemblance to recent international events by reposting the clip on his social media. Watch below to see why Sorbo found the scene to be so relevant in regards to current events.

In the clip, Cruise’s character explains that abandoning Afghanistan will result in Taliban rule and further repercussions. He goes on to state that the Taliban would retaliate against those loyal to the US and grow emboldened by their victory, escalating further conflict with the nation and its allies in the future. Movies like American Sniper and Lone Survivor have depicted actual events from the war but few have mentioned what the end of the conflict in Afghanistan would look like.

In August, many of the events foreshadowed in Lions for Lambs came true. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan when the US left the country, insurgents televised parades flaunting abandoned US military equipment, and several deadly attacks were carried out on civilians. Even The Simpsons, a show notorious for foretelling events, would be hard-pressed to depict the future this accurately.

Reality in the Middle East has reflected many of the statements in the video but there are a few differences to note. ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed civilians, not the Taliban. While both are Islamic extremist groups, they are actually enemies. The US has also not yet entered further conflict in the region as the clip suggested. Only time will tell if Tom Cruise’s Lions for Lambs scene will continue to be fulfilled.

Source: Kevin Sorbo

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