5 recommendations to talk to your customers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is present on 98% of Latin American phones and is a great channel for small businesses and entrepreneurs to communicate with their buyers.

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WhatsApp Business is a free tool that was designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have a direct channel with their customers. It has a catalog for your products or services, and allows you to automate messages, to be able to respond quickly to frequently asked questions that arise during the conversation.

I share five keys to increase direct sales through WhatsApp Business :

1. Use a unique phone number

It is essential that it is not the same number for WhatsApp Business as for personal matters, since one tends to mix matters. At the beginning when the business is starting, it may not be so necessary, but as sales increase, it will be key to maintain a separate space. WhatsApp Business allows you to create a catalog of products or services, as a virtual window, and facilitates the organization, automation and response of the messages that are sent.

2. Keep the catalog updated

This point is essential, since it is our window. It is important to add as much detail as you can, such as a description of the product, link to the page and the price. Above all, in countries with high inflation, it is essential that the amount that appears in the catalog is up-to-date. Otherwise, the customer may be interested in a product for an outdated price and then lose interest in the product or service.

3. Segment audiences

It can be simple to send the same message to the entire customer list. However, it is important to be able to interpret the needs of each potential buyer and put together segmented lists according to their interests, or to the stage of the buying process that they are. It would be good to identify regular, potential or sporadic customers, and speak to each one in a special way, especially to define where to direct certain offers.

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4. Create a loyalty group

In addition to communicating with customers to offer promotions or participate in sweepstakes, it can be very useful for companies to share relevant information about the industry or the product or service they offer. This action can collaborate to create community and retain customers.

5. Communicate sales channels, including WhatsApp

It is essential that customers can find ways to communicate with the company. When someone is interested in a product or a service, it is important that they can communicate right away. Many sales conversions are lost because of that, or because of a lack of response. It is essential to include your WhatsApp Business number in GoogleMaps, Google, Facebook or Instagram ads, website and all the channels you use, as well as in the receipts and cards that you design.

Also, if the flow of conversations is larger than what one person can manage, it is important to integrate a chatbot with advanced features to automate the responses. In this case, it is recommended to have a WhatsApp Business API account, which allows reaching multiple users, connecting several robot or human agents simultaneously, creating contact lists, creating a business profile, sending customer service messages at scale, Get a verified account, create templates to send notifications, and measure business results. If the company exceeds 100 daily conversations, it is time to automate certain tasks, to be able to respond quickly and well to all inquiries and to be able to make sales from this channel.

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