r/motivation – I've read that we aren't aware of 90% of what is going on around us. (In terms of energy, electromagnetic fields, vibrations, spirits, angels, brainwaves, wavelengths, frequencies and ect.)

Personally I believe in this especially because I've experienced a lot of events that many would consider "weird, hallucinations, paranormal and spiritual".

For example, I was put in a life threatening situation which, as soon as I was able to close my eyes and try to rest, my consciousness was rapidly drawn into a vision of the location and situation I was at.

This vision showed me what to do in the near future(right after I wake up) to avoid any bad outcome of the situation I was in.

This was an eye opener to me because, it made me aware that, there is a sort of ability inside of my mind, that unlocked to suggest through a vision what I should do right after I wake up. Which would eventually save me from making a bad decision.

If you are interested I've made this YouTube Video about how to consciously use third-eye visions for whatever personal use. Let me know your thoughts on it!

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