r/motivation – Fulfilling your dream is not based on the intensity of your passion (Shock)

Everyone can have a passion, but not everyone has a passion that’s backed by goals.

Vincent van Gogh, the famous Dutch painter, never made it big in his lifetime. Although he was extremely passionate about painting and produced about two thousand brilliant pieces of art, it's widely thought that he only sold one during his lifetime.

The worst thing is that the painting sold just seven months before his death for a mere 400 francs. One hundred years later, however, one of his paintings sold for a record $148.6 million.

Sadly, though, he never lived to see his passion turn into a massive success. This could have happened because of his inability to pursue painting aggressively as a career. He was definitely passionate about his art, but he struggled in pursuing it as a profession. With a better plan and better health, he could probably have managed to sell more of his work and even live to see his own success.

So the question is, do you really want to pursue your passion like that? If not, have a proper strategy before you follow your passion. Find answers to questions like, "How are you going to turn your passion into a profession? Where will you get the money needed for it? What will you do if your plan fails?"

That way, even if your plan doesn’t work out as you planned, you don’t find yourself landing in a pool of uncertainties.

Also, the idea of success may vary from person to person. Some may measure it in terms of money, while others may not. But as mentioned above, you’ll always need money to survive. So part of this success has to be about money. That’s why I believe that if you don’t see your passion bring in the success you want, it’s time for you to explore other options.

It’s OK not to find success in following your passion. In reality, success is more than just following your passion. It’s about making a difference in your life and in others' lives. So don’t be disheartened if things go haywire.

Sometimes the road to success by not following your passion can be bumpy and uneven.

But along the way, you may encounter beautiful landmarks, cross milestones and make discoveries that will create a lasting impact on your life. And each of these will help you figure out what others want and how you can deliver value while doing your work more contentedly.

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