Problems downloading Google apps on your Huawei smartphone? This is the reason

The conflict between the Chinese technology company and the US government could prevent you from using your favorite applications.

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If you recently released a Huawei brand smartphone , you may have a problem installing Google applications. The reason behind the new “failure” would be the fight that the United States government maintains against the Chinese multinational.

Last September, Huawei announced that its devices would no longer have Google services by default. Despite the decision, there were ways to download the tech giant’s apps, but now they are failing. In addition, it is possible that smartphones that already had Google installed also begin to present difficulties.

A Reddit user reported problems downloading the company’s apps on a Huawei device. The person had Google services on his computer, thanks to the methods that have emerged in recent months. Even so, in one of the latest updates to Google applications, it has been impossible to install the APKs manually.

The error that pops up is that the application is not compatible with the device’s CPU, something that had not been seen before on Huawei mobiles with Google services.

According to the media specialized in technology Gizchina, due to pressure from the US government, Google has blocked the possibility of installing its applications on Huawei mobiles. The measure would also apply to teams that have Google services thanks to the “trick”.

This is very bad news for users, as they could be without access to these applications. It only remains to wait for the conflict to be resolved after the results of the United States elections. Or, find a way to “circumvent” the system to install our favorite Google apps on any Huawei smartphone.

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