Best citrus juicers in 2020: Hurom, Zulay, and more

  • Squeezing lemons and oranges is easier with a great citrus juicer.
  • The Hurom Citrus Juicer is our top pick, thanks to its ability to squeeze every bit of juice out of your citrus fruit haul. 

A citrus juicer is a handy accessory for every kitchen. When you want to make a jug of iced lemonade on a hot summer’s day, drink fresh orange juice for an early morning boost, or whip up a lemon vinaigrette to dress a salad, there’s nothing better than freshly squeezed juice.

Packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, lemon and orange juice have plenty of health benefits and anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Of course, fresh juice is best because you can be sure it’s 100% pure with no added preservatives or sugar.

When it comes to choosing the perfect citrus juicer, you need to consider what you want to use it for. Arguably the most important quality is how much juice it can get from a single fruit using the least amount of effort. If you plan on using lots of citrus then you’ll need a professional quality juicer, while smaller, cheaper models are better if you think you’ll only need a small amount of juice.

Manual lemon squeezers are usually easier to assemble and clean, and they take up much less space in your kitchen. They are also usually much more affordable than electric ones, but it takes a lot longer to make a lot of juice. If you want to squeeze a high volume of citrus, then an electric one is better. However, they can be noisy and you need to change the batteries on some models.

Some people also prefer manual squeezers because they believe the juice produced tastes better or is higher in nutrients, while electric ones may heat up the juice, potentially changing the flavor and reducing these nutrients.

Choosing the best citrus juicer requires careful research, but we’ve put all the work in so you don’t need to. We’ve looked at all the options on the market from budget to high end, squeezed hundreds of lemons, and consulted expert and buyer reviews to come up with our top citrus juicers.

Here are the best citrus juicers: 

Prices and links are current as of 5/19/20. We updated our best electric juicer pick to be consistent with the best citrus juicer in our best juicers guide. We still highly recommend our previous best overall pick, the Zulay Citrus Stand Press, but it is now our pick best manual juicer. We also replaced our pick for the best handheld squeezer due to our previous pick going out of stock.

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