How This Trainer for NBA Players Mastered the Pivot

David Nurse, NBA life coach, talks about how he re-engineered his dream of playing in the NBA to become one of the world’s top shooting coaches and how he helps the world’s top athletes to shift their mindset.

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David Nurse, NBA life optimization coach for players such as Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez and Kelly Olynyk, discusses how he was able to transition from aspiring NBA player to a coaching role and how he is able to help athletes break through any mental blocks.

Nurse and The Playbook host of David Meltzer share their thoughts on how improving consistency also yields more consistent results, Nurse’s goal to improve himself so that he can better help others and what it means to approach life with a “Full Plate” mentality. They also talk about how to properly prepare for opportunities that come your way and why you should follow your passion instead of listening to the expectations of others.

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