Ranked: 30 countries for expats' personal happiness - Josh Loe

Ranked: 30 countries for expats’ personal happiness

  • The InterNations expat support network asked more than 20,000 expats to rank their happiness with life in general and with their personal relationships while in their new country.
  • It weighted the results and ranked the top 30 countries where expats are happiest.
  • Scroll down to see what they are.
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An often overlooked aspect of moving abroad — be it for work, family, or just a change in environment — is how happy you’ll be when you’re away from home.

InterNations, an expat support network based in Germany, asked more than 20,000 people living in 187 countries and regions to rank their happiness based on two categories: Life in general, and their relationship with their partner.

It weighted the two results and ranked the countries where expats are happiest.

For reference, an average 74% of all expats say they’re happy with life in general, while an average 84% say they’re happy in their relationships.

Scroll down to see where expats are happiest overall, and the proportion of people there who say they’re happy with life in general. (This percentage doesn’t include the proportion of people happy in their relationships, so is not an overall score.)

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