These hilarious pop culture-inspired student IDs are going viral - Josh Loe

These hilarious pop culture-inspired student IDs are going viral

Most seniors in high school take part in classic school traditions like senior skip day or hilarious senior pranks. However, for students at North Farmington High in Michigan, Halloween comes early on picture day, and the internet couldn’t be more obsessed.

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For the past several years, seniors at the high school have completely revolutionized the picture day game — hello, who ever liked their photo?— by referencing pop culture icons, memes, and more for their school IDs.

All the hilarious — and even scarily accurate — costumes were shared on Twitter via the #NFID20 hashtag, and you’re not going to want to miss any of them.

Here are a couple of our favorite IDs from the North Farmington High senior class.

This “Parks and Recreation” reference is scarily good — he even got the pose down perfectly.

As was this hilarious ID inspired by Jim from “The Office.”

We loved this commitment to embodying the essence that is Mr. Krabs…

…and this adorable “Up” costume.

In fact, dressing up as Disney or Pixar characters seemed to be a running theme among the seniors.

As well as the cast of a fan-favorite movie among the teens of today — and of years past — “Mean Girls.”

Even teachers embraced the fun tradition.

By far, the most hilarious school IDs were inspired by the treasure trove of internet memes that have gone viral over the past year.

The insanely creative class of 2020 certainly raised the bar for next year’s round of seniors — perhaps they should all start prepping their costumes now.

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