White supremacy linked to race-based domestic terrorism, data shows

New data uncovered by Yahoo News shows that alleged white supremacists were behind all “race-based cases of domestic terrorism” in 2018.

The document, which Yahoo News published, was created by the New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security Preparedness and is dated April 15, 2019. Yahoo News reports it was “sent throughout the DHS fusion center network as well as federal agencies, including the FBI.”

The document describes 32 “domestic terrorist attacks, disrupted plots, threats of violence, and weapons stockpiling by individuals with a radical political or social agenda who lack direction or influence from foreign terrorist organizations” in 2018, and the 46 suspects.

In a section that lists suspects by ideology — such as white supremacy and anti-government — 25 of them were labeled as alleged white supremacists.

The release of this document comes as law enforcement agencies investigate the shooting in El Paso, Texas, as a possible hate crime. According to officials, the shooting suspect may be connected to a racist manifesto, which was published online prior to the Walmart shooting which left 22 people dead.

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The FBI is facing scrutiny over its handling of domestic terrorism, particularly instances connected to white supremacy, as civil rights groups warn that the ideology and violence is on the rise.

Congressional lawmakers who previously requested similar information about the violence and alleged white supremacists told Yahoo News that the Justice Department did not respond to their demands.

“I’m troubled by the lack of transparency, given that we haven’t received this critical information after several requests to the FBI and DOJ,” Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey wrote to Yahoo News in an email. “They cannot and should not remain silent in the face of such a dangerous threat.”

A spokesperson from the Justice Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment from INSIDER.

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