Robert Mueller agrees to publicly testify before Congress - Josh Loe

Robert Mueller agrees to publicly testify before Congress

The former special counsel Robert Mueller agreed to publicly testify before two House committees “in open session,” according to a joint statement from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Nadler and Schiff said in the statement that they “look forward to hearing his testimony, as do all Americans.”

“Americans have demanded to hear directly from the Special Counsel so they can understand what he and his team examined, uncovered, and determined about Russia’s attack on our democracy, the Trump campaign’s acceptance and use of that help, and President Trump and his associates’ obstruction of the investigation into that attack,” the statement read.

Mueller’s decision to testify comes after House lawmakers considered issuing a subpoena to the former special counsel earlier this week.

“One way or another, we expect him to testify,” Schiff said on Monday.

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