Tyson Fury drops and stops a bloodied Tom Schwarz in a ‘joke’ fight

Tyson Fury needed just five minutes and 54 seconds to obliterate Tom Schwarz in Las Vegas on Saturday, dropping and stopping the German heavyweight in the second round.

Even before the opening bell it was no secret that this was a mismatch, that Schwarz was a rung or two below the caliber of fighter required to at least challenge Fury, and that this bout was a mere opportunity to further enamor the American market to a charismatic, unpredictable Briton.

But regardless of the foregone conclusion, Fury certainly still made a statement. He walked to the ring clad in the stars and stripes, looking like Apollo Creed in the smash hit movie franchise “Rocky,” and even sung Aerosmith’s karaoke classic “I don’t want to miss a thing” after he beat Schwarz to the floor.

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The actual fight itself exhibited Fury’s remarkable skillset, one he has demonstrated against elite opponents Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder in previous years.

Fury kept Schwarz in the middle of the ring and danced around him, popping jabs and lead hooks in his face while keeping a low guard, evading Schwarz’s shots with clever movement.

The first round was a showcase for Fury’s boxing ability, rather than his power, but he opened up in the second.

Knowing Schwarz could offer little to challenge him, Fury started thumping the German with more powerful punches, this time from the southpaw position. His jab was more forceful, and he dropped Schwarz to a knee with bow and arrow fists which further damaged an already bloodied nose.

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Referee Kenny Bayliss allowed Schwarz to continue after he beat the count, but stepped in and waved the bout off after Schwarz was unable to defend himself in a corner after a Fury pummelling.

Ever the showman, Fury then got on the mic to serenade his wife Paris.

He also screamed “thank you America and God bless you all” when speaking to ESPN in the middle of the ring.

“The key tonight was to enjoy myself, I used the jab … I was slipping and sliding, hands down, switched up to southpaw, caught him with a straight left, and it was a good shot that would have put anybody away.

“I’m back, return of the mack, the mack is back. The lineal champion, bring them all on,” he said.

Not everybody was impressed by Fury, as his countryman Dillian Whyte, a once-beaten heavyweight who would provide dangerous opposition to many in the division, said the whole thing was “a joke.”

“Can’t believe I stayed to watch that joke of a fight,” Whyte tweeted. “Tyson Fury should be ashamed of self running away from me and fighting these chumps. My mother would have knocked Tom the bum in a round.”

As for Fury’s next move, he confirmed that his next bout will be held on September 21 or October 5, likely in New York, then said: “Next year we want to hold down Deontay Wilder and make him give me that green [WBC] belt.”

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