Anna Delvey says 'I'm not sorry' for scams, has been fighting on Rikers - Josh Loe

Anna Delvey says ‘I’m not sorry’ for scams, has been fighting on Rikers

Anna Delvey, the grifter imprisoned for an elaborate, years-long scam in which she tricked the world into thinking her a wealthy German heiress, gave a jailhouse interview in which she defiantly said: “I’m not sorry.”

Delvey, who is actually a Russian named Anna Sorokin, spoke to The New York Times while confined at the famed Rikers Island prison complex in New York City.

She also said she had been behaving badly in prison, a claim backed up by an unnamed corrections official who said her misdeeds include getting into fights.

A file photo showing the entrance to Rikers.
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Delvey was sentenced Friday to a prison term of between four and 12 years, after the judge in the trial noted Delvey’s lack of remorse and declared herself “stunned by the depth of the defendant’s deception.”

INSIDER attended Delvey’s trial, in which she threw tantrums about her outfits, and former friends testified against her in tears.

In the Times interview Delvey said, more than once, that she is not sorry for her series of deceptions. They include trying to fool banks into lending her more than $22 million, and concocting an imaginary $60 million fortune to swindle bankers, hotels, and socialites.

According to the Times, she said: “The thing is, I’m not sorry… I’d be lying to you and to everyone else and to myself if I said I was sorry for anything.”

Delvey, right, in her scamming days in 2014. Sheis posing at an awards ceremony with architect Giudo Cacciatori (left), stylist Gro Curtis (center left) and Giorgia Tordini, a designer (center right).
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She did admit regretting “the way I went about certain things,” but did not elaborate.

Delvey told the outlet she had been repeatedly disciplined for breaking the rules in jail, and claimed to have spent several weeks in solitary confinement.

A corrections official told the Times that Delvey has racked up “13 infractions for things like fighting and disobeying orders.” The official did not specify with whom Delvey had been fighting.

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