A local Ohio news crew introduced stories entirely in internet slang - Josh Loe

A local Ohio news crew introduced stories entirely in internet slang

Standardized tests are happening at Toledo Public Schools this week, and the local news station WTOL decided to wish students luck by trying to speak their language: internet slang.

The results will make you laugh or cringe or both.

“Good morning, TPS students, it is testing week and it’s time to slay all day,” anchor Melissa Andrews begins, before handing it over to coanchor Tim Miller.

Miller tells the kids to “Stay woke, be on fleek, get that Gucci breakfast.”

But the verbal vomit of teen and web slang didn’t end there. After telling students to say “bye Felisha” to testing stress, Andrews throws it over to the meteorologist Chris Vickers, who declares testing week’s weather will be “v. lit.” (So sunny, if we’re being literal?)

And the traffic? Well, it’ll be “turnt,” according to traffic reporter Steven Jackson.

The video from WTOL in Toledo, Ohio, which was made for students, but did not air on television, was initially posted to the TV station’s Facebook page, according to BuzzFeed News. However, by Wednesday evening it was either made private or it was taken down. INSIDER contacted the station for clarification and will update as necessary.

Regardless, the video was immortalized to mixed reactions on YouTube and Twitter.

All of this is to say, good luck on your tests, kids!

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