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The best Google Chromecast speakers you can buy

Why you’ll love it: The LG SK8Y isn’t just a speaker that sits on your shelf — it’s a full soundbar that supports Chromecast and can be used with your TV, too.

Chromecast-enabled speakers don’t have to be speakers that you throw on a shelf or table — they can also be speakers that you use for other things like for your TV. There are a few Chromecast-enabled soundbars out there, but the best of them has to be the LG SK8Y.

The SK8Y has a ton of cool features built right into it. For starters, it supports Dolby Atmos, plus it supports wireless surround sound, though you’ll need to get the optional LG SPK8-S speakers to take advantage of that. On top of that, it comes with a subwoofer, which helps ensure you get all that low-end response. And, of course, the soundbar has Chromecast built into it.

When it comes to sound, the soundbar is quite good. As mentioned, it comes with a subwoofer, which means you’ll get an extended bass response, however that subwoofer does seem to be a little subdued compared to some other soundbars. Things get better as the sound ranges up. The midrange is well tuned with nice warm low mids, while the high-end is clear and detailed.

The soundbar has gotten excellent reviews since it was released. Trusted Reviews and TechRadar both gave the soundbar 4/5, which isn’t bad at all. The downsides noted in those reviews include that the soundbar only has one HDMI input and that it doesn’t offer 4K passthrough, which means you’ll be limited in the external equipment you can plug into the soundbar.

Pros: Good sound, comes with subwoofer, Dolby Atmos support

Cons: Limited connectivity

Buy the LG SK8Y on Amazon for $496.99

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