‘The Walking Dead’ season 9, episode 10 ‘Omega’ breakdown

“Once, I heard my dad ask my mom why she kept her hair so short,” Henry told Daryl. “She said when it was long, her first husband would grab it when she tried to get away. He would pull it, and slam her against the wall. So, one day, she just cut it all off so he couldn’t.”

“I guess it took her this long to feel safe again,” he said.

Excuse us while we go sob.

Henry, of course, is referring to Carol’s first husband, Ed, who was both verbally and physically abusive. He met his end quickly on season one. Carol didn’t last as long in “TWD” comic as she has on the show. We never saw her character with long hair in the graphic novels. This small detail on tonight’s episode was a nice addition for her character.

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