8 Great Ways to Make Money Without a Degree - Josh Loe

8 Great Ways to Make Money Without a Degree

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According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, only 46 percent of college students actually finish their degrees. Research also shows that college graduates ages 25 to 32 earn $17,500 more annually than their non-degree-holding counterparts. But, given the crushing cost of student debt and a slowly recovering job market, is a college degree really worth it?

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Certainly, anyone with a formal education should value his or her training, but that doesn’t diminish the wealth potential of ambitious non-degree holders. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel thinks good ideas and work experience outweigh education. In fact, the Thiel Fellowship offers a $100,000 grant to college dropouts and those who delay formal education to become entrepreneurs.

Still, you don’t need the Thiel Fellowship, a degree or even much training to make money and pave your way to success. Instead, you can create your own opportunities or enhance the job you already have. Here are eight of the best ways I know to make money without a degree.

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