Brandin Cooks got Alfonso Garcia, son Super Bowl tickets, flights, hotel - Josh Loe

Brandin Cooks got Alfonso Garcia, son Super Bowl tickets, flights, hotel

The Los Angeles Rams thanked one of their team custodians by bringing he and his son along to the Super Bowl.

According to USA Today’s Mike Jones, Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks helped arrange for the custodian, Alfonso Garcia, and his son, Josh, to get tickets to the big game against the New England Patriots, including flights and accommodations.

According to Jones, Cooks did not publicize the good deed, but fellow receiver Robert Woods told reporters that he saw the interaction while explaining what Cooks means to the team.

The Rams also tweeted a video of the exchange, as Cooks waited for Garcia to present the tickets.

“On behalf of the team and organization, we would love to invite you and your son, Josh, round trip [to the] Super Bowl,” Cooks said, adding, “You mean so much to us and everything that you do does not go unnoticed.”

Garcia appeared thrilled, saying it was his dream to one day attend the Super Bowl.

Garcia told CBS Los Angeles that he was initially nervous to be called into GM Les Snead’s office.

“That’s not an office you really want to get called into,” he said.

It ended up being a good surprise.

Cooks called Garcia “special” when asked about him, saying he wanted to show his appreciation for the work Garcia does.

“Oh, man, Alfonso – the guy is special, man. He keeps our locker room in tip-top shape. He has such a special soul. Someone that I found myself drawn to once I got there and I see him around the facility all the time. I just felt like it would be special for him to see that he is a part of this success as well, and I wanted him to be able to be at the Super Bowl with his son to enjoy that.”

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