Pope tweets that the Virgin Mary was the first 'influencer' - Josh Loe

Pope tweets that the Virgin Mary was the first ‘influencer’

Pope Francis tweeted Saturday night that the Virgin Mary was the first “influencer,” and people across the internet cringed collectively.

“With her ‘yes’, Mary became the most influential woman in history,” he wrote. “Without social networks, she became the first ‘influencer’: the ‘influencer’ of God. #Panama2019.”

Twitter users immediately began poking fun at the clumsy use of internet references to explain church doctrine. Some of them used memes of their own:

The tweet came shortly after Francis spoke at an evening vigil service for World Youth Day in Panama City. Some 600,000 people attended the event, the Associated Press reported.

Francis also brought up “influencers” in his remarks on Saturday, telling the crowd that being an influencer in the 21st century meant being “guardians of roots, guardians of all that prevents our life from dissipating and evaporating into nothingness,” according to the Catholic news organization Crux Now.

He continued: “Be guardians of everything that can make us feel part of one another, to feel that we belong.”

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