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Andy Murray net worth: How he makes and spends his fortune

Sir Andy Murray, one of the most successful British sports stars of all time, just announced he intends to retire from tennis after Wimbledon this year— although he may be forced to do so earlier, after the Australian Open.

The athlete has been struggling with hip pain for almost two years, which has prevented him from playing at his best.

However, Murray’s impact on the tennis world is far from over.

He has made a name for himself as a champion of equality in the sport, regularly speaking out aginst sexism in the industry.

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A successful playing career has also afforded the Scotsman the opportunity to work with sponsors, which often brings in more money than winning Grand Slams.

In fact, Murray, 31, has earned $61 million in prize money and just over $100 million in earnings from endorsements, bonuses, and appearance fees over his career, according to Forbes.

But unlike other world famous athletes like Usain Bolt, the Scottish tennis champion is frugal with his money, preferring to invest in small businesses and property to develop his multi-million pound fortune.

From luxury hotels to book deals and salad chains, here is how Murray makes and spends his $165 million fortune.

Edith Hancock contributed to an earlier version of this article.

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