Trader Joe's in the city vs the suburbs - Josh Loe

Trader Joe’s in the city vs the suburbs

With locations all over the US, you might think that shopping at Trader Joe’s would be the same no matter where you go.

And while you’ll find much of the same products and prices at different locations, the shopping experience can vary between urban and suburban locations.

To determine the better shopping experience, we visited two urban locations — one established location in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York and one new location on the Lower East Side — and the Trader Joe’s in Stamford, Connecticut, located about an hour outside of Manhattan.

We considered three main criteria when evaluating the stores:

  • First, we looked at each store’s layout and the ease at which we were able to move around.
  • Next, we judged each store based on how well-stocked it was when we visited on a weekday morning.
  • Finally, we considered how each store handled crowds and lines.

After evaluating the three stores, we concluded that it is generally much easier to shop at Trader Joe’s in the suburbs, with the exception of the newly-opened urban store.

Urban stores were harder to navigate and tended to have longer lines, which left us longing for the peaceful shopping experience back in the suburbs.

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