How much to tip in every situation, from Uber drivers to hairstylists

how much to tip
How much to tip varies by service but is generally 18% of your bill.
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Nothing kills wining and dining than closing out the evening having to mull over just what percentage of your bill should go to the waitstaff.

That’s because figuring out how much to tip, if tipping is required, and whom you should tip to is often more complicated than it needs to be. To help simplify the confusion, controversy, and complication that is tipping, DealNews broke down the most common situations in which tipping is expected and how much to tip for each one.

While how much to tip varies by service, a solid tip amount is generally about 18% of your bill — something to bear in mind now that tipping has started going up.

“Many mobile-payment apps now offer the option to just choose a preset percentage amount, which can be very convenient but also might push you into tipping more,” Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews, told Business Insider. “Rather than opting for the highest tier of 25%, feel free to choose ‘another amount,’ which many apps offer.”

She said you can incorporate tipping by increasing your budget by 20%. “This allows you to tip adequately for exceptional service, but also allows you to tip less if the situation calls for it.”

“Additionally, you can also consider creating an entirely separate category within your budget only for tipping,” she said. “This means that if your tipping category runs low, you can decide how to dine out based around the tipping amount.” When in doubt, always tip at least a little something.

Below, find out how much to tip in every situation, from your cleaner and your hairstylist to your nail technician and your dog groomer.

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