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10 things that are always a waste to pack


Packing for a trip is something of an art form, and it can take some practice to get it right. If you’re not a veteran traveler, you might find yourself burdened with unnecessary items that take up too much space in your luggage and just generally weigh you down. Here are a few things that are pretty much always a mistake to pack.

Shampoo and conditioner are usually a waste of space.

If you’re traveling somewhere where the locals have easy access to shampoo and conditioner, so will you. There’s no reason to trek across the globe with products that you can quickly and cheaply pick up at your destination.

Tight restrictions on liquids also mean that flying with full bottles might even lead to delays at security checkpoints. Simplify your life and opt to pick up a few days’ worth of shampoo at your destination.

You probably don’t need more than two pairs of shoes.

Packing too many shoes can add unnecessary weight and bulk to your luggage. Unless you’re traveling to a special event or on a business trip, you probably only need to pack a decent pair of walking shoes and a pair of nicer shoes for restaurants or events.

Leave the expensive jewelry at home.

It’s natural to want to look your best, but bringing expensive jewelry along on vacation is almost always a mistake.

Traveling with fine jewelry or other flashy accessories could make you an ideal target for pickpockets, Reader’s Digest pointed out. Swap out your real diamond earrings for a pair of imitation studs or strap on a less eye-catching watch to avoid losing or damaging your valuables.

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