Detroit police find remains of 63 more babies, fetuses at funeral home - Josh Loe

Detroit police find remains of 63 more babies, fetuses at funeral home

Detroit police on Friday announced they had found dozens more remains at a funeral home just days after uncovering the corpses of 11 infants concealed in the ceiling of a separate, defunct funeral home.

Authorities said they found remains of 63 infants and fetuses at the Perry Funeral Home, 36 of which were found in boxes and 27 in freezers.

“This is deeply disturbing,” Police Chief James Craig told reporters at a press conference. “I am committed to get to the truth. I’m committed to following the evidence.”

Craig said the police department’s phone was “ringing off the hook” since the original discovery of 11 remains last week, adding that it’s possible there are more remains at different establishments yet to be found.

“I would like to look at you and tell you I hope not,” Craig told one reported. “I hope that it is isolated to these two. I can’t say that with certainty. So this is much larger than we might know.”

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said Friday it suspended the mortuary science licenses of Perry Funeral Home and its director, The Detroit News reported.

The original discovery of 11 corpses came after authorities received an anonymous letter tipping them off about the Cantrell Funeral Home, which had been closed for months due to “deplorable conditions,” according to The Detroit News.

Investigators then reportedly found the remains of 11 stillborn babies concealed in a “false ceiling” between the first and second floors of the building. Nine of those infants’ bodies were in cardboard boxes, and two were inside a trash bag, which in turn was inside a infant-sized casket.

Craig said Friday that the investigation into the second funeral home came after authorities received a second tip from a parent who had heard a media report of the first discovery of remains.

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