Get your Disrupt Berlin 2018 passes before 24 October and save big

Great news, startup fans. You still have time to save up to €500 on your pass to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018. Our premier tech conference focusing on the European startup scene takes place on 29-30 November, but the deadline for scoring passes at the best possible price arrives next week on 24 October.

What budget-minded early-startup founder, investor, marketer or job seeker wouldn’t want to reap that kind of savings? Be good to your bottom line. Buy your ticket now, and then pat yourself on the back for kicking procrastination to the curb.

Disrupt Berlin, a truly international event, draws participants — top international tech founders, innovators, influencers and investors — from more than 50 countries, including European Union members, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, India, China and South Korea. Whether you’re looking for global exposure for your startup or you’re scouting the world for your next big investment, Disrupt Berlin is where you need to be.

If you’re wondering about the professional benefits of attending Disrupt, take a gander at what these three attendees said about their experience.

“TechCrunch Disrupt is unique in how it brings everyone — all the industry touch points — together under one roof. You can meet investors and bigger players in your industry to see if there’s an opportunity to work together. It’s incredibly valuable.” — Sage Wohns, co-founder and CEO, Agolo.

“I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of early-stage startups in attendance. I spent probably 75 percent of my time having one-on-one meetings with startup founders.” — Michael Kocan, co-founder and managing partner, Trend Discovery.

“The exposure we received at TechCrunch Disrupt completely changed our trajectory and made it easier to raise funds and jump to the next stage.” — David Hall, co-founder and president, Park & Diamond.

Two action-packed days await you in Berlin. We have an incredible lineup of speakers — tech luminaries, business moguls, headline-making founders and leading investors — ready to share their experiences, expertise and perspectives on a range of hot-button topics.

The adrenaline trip that is Startup Battlefield never fails to disappoint. Be there to cheer on 15 of Europe’s top early-stage startups as they launch their dream to the world and compete for $50,000. You might just witness tech history in the making.

Take a deep dive into Startup Alley, where more than 400 early-stage startups — including companies that earned the coveted TC Top Pick designation — will exhibit their very latest technology. This is prime networking territory and an opportunity to meet your future founder, investor or technologist. A source of innovation and inspiration, Startup Alley is a must-see experience.

Of course, you’ll always find world-class networking going down in casual style at the infamous (OK, it might not be infamous, but it is wicked fun) TechCrunch After Party.

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place on 29-30 November. You can save up to €500, but only if you buy your pass before 24 October. Be good to your bottom line.

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