Mazda6 review: photos, specs - Business Insider - Josh Loe

Mazda6 review: photos, specs – Business Insider

The Mazda6 is not to be overlooked.

That’s my conclusion after spending a few days with the car and driving it hundreds of miles through three states.

The Mazda6 is a roomy, midsize car, but it feels like so much more. That’s because its thoughtful design is evident throughout the vehicle, and its refinement feels like a class above.

The Mazda6 competes with other midsized cars like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry directly, though it distinguishes itself by speaking to driving enthusiasts in the language of “zoom zoom.” And that’s evident by the way the car drives.

Still, Mazda is a niche player. Mazda sold only 22,618 cars in 2018 as of August, compared to the hundreds of thousands sold by the bigger players, according to sales figures from Kelley Blue Book. Worse news for people who love four-door sedans: the midsize segment itself is suffering a dramatic overall decline. Sales are down 20% year-over-year as consumers opt for crossover SUVs and pickup trucks.

That’s a shame, since the Mazda6 can easily hold its own against some of the best automotive offerings. I had the chance to take the 2018 Mazda6 for a spin, and I wound up falling in love.

I tested a Signature model with an MSRP of $34,750, but the base edition carries a starting price tag of $21,950. Here’s what we thought:

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