Volkswagen Beetle history, biography, info, details

Volkswagen will stop making its iconic Beetle after nearly seven decades on the market, the German automaker announced Thursday.

The first Beetles rolled off production lines in 1938. Their increasing popularity in the US in the 1960s prompted Volkswagen to build its first manufacturing plant in North America in order to meet the demand.

That plant located in the state of Puebla, Mexico, is expected to make its last Beetle in July 2019.

Though the Beetle model range has been active in some aspect for 78 years, the New Beetle has been around for almost 20 years through two different generations. The current generation originally entered production in 2012.

It hasn’t been the most-loved VW model and it’s not the most exciting either, but if VW was to completely shut down Beetle production without hopes of return, the automotive world would surely collectively shed a tear.

We’ve put together a slider so as to not forget how far the Beetle has come.

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