What to Do When You’ve Hit a Wall.

Jessica Abo shares the best piece of advice she received while writing her first book.

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If you have been writing and rewriting the same section of your book and feel like you still don’t have things the way you want them, then this episode is for you. No matter how hard I tried to work with some of the chapters I finished, I still felt like something was off. Entrepreneur’s editorial director, Jennifer Dorsey, suggested I take out all of the sections that were giving me a hard time and paste them in a new document. I printed the chapters to see where the material might work better and that exercise helped me deconstruct major parts of the book.

It was bananas trying to get it all done while 38 weeks pregnant, and getting everything sorted for my book launch at New York Fashion Week, but I powered through it and hope if you’ve hit a wall that you push through yours, too!

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