Meet the rising stars at Google - Josh Loe

Meet the rising stars at Google

Google up and Comers
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It seems like Google is everywhere.

And it is.

Google, and parent company Alphabet, are major players in everything from consumer electronics and self-driving cars to high-speed internet access and video entertainment — and of course, there’s the search engine.

But while everyone knows the marquee names like Google CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki, there’s an incredible surfeit of talent one layer below that’s driving some of the company’s most influential projects. Business Insider spoke to Google insiders, partners and rivals to get a sense of the most buzzed about names within the 80,000-person tech giant.

From programmers to designers, Google veterans to new hires, we rounded up a roster of Google’s unsung rockstars. These are the names you might not have heard of yet, but that could just become the next Sundar Pichai.

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