8 people who quit their jobs on the spot describe why they did it - Josh Loe

8 people who quit their jobs on the spot describe why they did it

“Worked as a nail technician at a ‘fancy’ spa and it was the most toxic environment I’ve ever worked in… They made me work on a lady with staph infection in her leg KNOWINGLY and just had me wear gloves. They used old hotel sheets cut up as wax strips, made me do things I wasn’t licensed to do (I was younger and not confident enough to tell these people not to take advantage of me), would steal my clients, steal my tips…

The last straw was when it was summertime where pedicures are a hot commodity. They don’t care about proper cleaning procedures or proper breaks; they only care about how many clients they can service in a day… I realized they just TOOK OUT MY LUNCH BREAK to add another pedicure… 10 hours with no breaks being hunched over like that is too much…

I wrote a note to the owner saying I couldn’t do it anymore…. nothing could’ve made me go back there.

Everyone constantly talked s–t about each other, and you could feel the bad vibes walking in if they’d been fighting. They lied about products, services, health codes, and at the end of the day all they cared about was money.

I’ve never made more money at an hourly job and I’ve also never regretted walking the f–k out of that awful place.” – linzgoodwin707

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