YouTuber Logan Paul stormed out of KSI boxing press conference

Logan Paul KSI
Vlogger Logan Paul and KSI.
Logan Paul/YouTube

  • Two well-known YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI, are
    planning a boxing fight at Manchester Arena in August.
  • Paul walked out of a press conference on Wednesday
    intended to drum up publicity for the event because KSI
    hurled insults at his girlfriend and family. 
  • “Apparently you only have 85% of your testicle,” said
    KSI at one point.
  • YouTuber boxing matches have become a hot new trend,
    and a good way for vloggers to rack up lots of views,
    publicity, and money.


YouTuber Logan Paul stormed out of a press conference with
fellow-vlogger KSI, as the pair try to drum up interest
in their
livestreamed boxing match at Manchester Arena next month

The YouTube stars held the event with fans in London’s York Hall
on Wednesday, ostensibly to trade barbs before their big fight,
which is expected to rack up millions of views online.

Those barbs escalated into genuinely offensive insults, with KSI
(real name Olajide Olatunji) hurling abuse at his opponent’s
girlfriend and family.

Paul stayed mostly quiet during the event, listening to KSI
volley insults at him.

KSI strolled on-stage wearing a blond wig, an apparent reference
to Logan Paul’s luxurious surfer hair, and said: “Hasn’t England
suffered enough? We lost to Croatia in the semi-final. We had
Trump come over last week. Now we got you this week.”

KSI then brought up Logan Paul’s girlfriend,
“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” star Chloe Bennet,
who wasn’t at the
event. He asked “What’s up, babes?” to what sounded like
background chants of “She’s a ho” from the attending crowd, and
suggested he would make a better lover
because Paul had lost 15% of his testicle in a stunt

Logan Paul girlfriend Chloe Bennett
Paul with his girlfriend Chloe Bennet.


“Apparently you only have 85% of your testicle,” said KSI. “Let
me give her the extra 15. Let me show her a real man.” When Paul
attempted to interject, KSI told him to “Shut the f**k up.”

Later, KSI persuaded the crowd to chant “F**k the Pauls”
repeatedly, in reference to both Logan Paul and his YouTuber
brother Jake. He also insulted the Pauls’ “ludicrous Mum” and
their “disgusting, delusional Dad.”

The Pauls’ father, Greg Paul, is increasingly involved with
managing his sons’ YouTube empires and fans have suggested that
he should battle KSI’s father, Jide Olatunji. KSI mocked Greg
Paul’s fighting chops, then made a sharp reference to a
controversial video where Greg Paul
kissed a young woman
as part of a “kissing contest.”

Finally, Logan Paul spoke up, telling fans he would “love to
answer your questions” before getting up, dropping his
microphone, and walking out.

Critics of Logan Paul might well enjoy KSI using him as a
punching bag, since the YouTuber came under heavy fire earlier
this year
for filming a dead body in Japan
. YouTube
temporarily suspended ads from his videos

While Paul looked genuinely upset at points, he couldn’t have
been too offended. After the press conference, he posted an
edited highlights reel to his YouTube channel with the title: “I
can watch that video below.

The big fight is likely to rack up hundreds of millions of views

Arranging boxing matches is
a big trend on YouTube this year
. It kicked off when KSI and
another YouTuber, Joe Weller, fought in London earlier this year.
That match racked up 20 million total views, and Logan Paul
agreed to fight in a follow-up.

None of the three men are professional boxers, with KSI and Joe
Weller usually making videos about football, and Logan Paul
mostly making videos about pranks and stunts. Fans could buy
tickets to the Joe Weller fight, and the livestream was available
for free.

KSI Joe Weller boxing YouTube fight
KSI boxing Joe Weller in
February 2018.


The follow-up match looks like it will be more lucrative, not
least because KSI and Logan Paul have 18 million and 17 million
YouTube subscribers respectively, compared to Joe Weller’s 5

The two are trying to drum up more money by charging viewers to
watch the Manchester fight on YouTube. It will cost $8 to watch
online and if each of their collective 35 million fans watched,
it would net the pair $280 million from streams alone.

You can watch highlights from the KSI-Logan Paul press
conference here:

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