Why Successful Entrepreneurs Are Unafraid to Face Failure and Change Course

Jeff Rose talks with Antonio Centeno about their shared experience as entrepreneurs who took lessons from military service.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose talks with his friend and fellow entrepreneur, Antonio Centeno, who is the CEO of Real Men Real Style. Centeno joined the Marine Corps when he had just graduated from college; from there he went to work as a CFO and eventually start his first company, A Tailored Suit.

Centeno also talks to Rose about his background in the military, where his perception of failure changed. While there, Centeno became what he describes as hard-headed and increased his willingness to suffer to avoid failure. A hard-nosed drive both helped him to stick to his pursuits, but also made it slightly difficult to see when he should re-align his goals. At the end of the day, Centeno emphasizes his military training prepared him to come back stronger. 

Significantly, both entrepreneurs speak about¬†moments of failure. Living through those hard times and being able to bounce back is not a task to take lightly — but for determined individuals like Rose and Centeno, that persistence has led the way to better rewards. To live as an entrepreneur means¬†persisting,¬†as well as anticipating many different ups and downs and trying to protect yourself from the lower points.¬†

To hear more from the conversaiton, click on the video. 

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