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The 47 most unlikable TV characters of all time

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With peak TV and the rise of audience’s obsession with anti-heroes, it seems inevitable that you’ll love to hate at least one fictional person on your favorite show. But sometimes characters also wind up being off-putting in ways the writers surely didn’t intend.

From “nice guy” Ted Mosby to the iconically annoying Kimmy Gibbler, here are INSIDER’s picks for the 47 most unlikable TV characters of all time.

Jeremy Jamm — “Parks and Recreation”

Councilman Jeremy Jam was the bane of Leslie Knope’s existence. He constantly tried to impede any progress Leslie hoped to make for Pawnee, he was misogynistic and annoying and condescending. He thought he was better than everyone. Also, his “You just got jammed” catchphrase was annoying. — Anjelica Oswald

Jenny Humphrey — “Gossip Girl”

“Gossip Girl” had several storylines and characters that were arguably problematic, but Jenny Humphrey was a truly loathsome character. She started out as Dan’s younger, innocent sister — but it didn’t take long before she turned into a rebellious, wild child.

She tried too hard to climb the social ladder and gain popularity by any means possible. It was also clear that she wished she was as old as Dan and his friends. Oh, and she did some damage to the relationships between Nate and Serena and Chuck and Blair. Needless to say, when Jenny graduated from high school and left town, fans were overjoyed. — Olivia Singh

Joffrey Baratheon — “Game of Thrones”

“Game of Thrones” may be known for its morally grey characters, but Joffrey Baratheon (er, Lannister) was a rare little s— who any warm-blooded viewer wanted to regularly throttle. Yes, Joffrey’s screwed up parents are partly to blame for his sadistic nature, but that doesn’t make him any more likable.

A significant chunk of credit must go to Jack Gleeson, the incredible actor who played the punchable Joffrey so well that many fans have trouble separating the real person from the character. — Kim Renfro

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