Meghan Markle overtook Trump on Google amid US royal wedding fixation

Meghan Markle Donald Trump composite
Donald Trump and Meghan Markle.

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America is so obsessed with the royal wedding that Meghan Markle briefly overtook the US president in Google’s internal search rankings.

More people were searching Markle’s name than Donald Trump’s for a brief window on Thursday morning, Google confirmed to Business Insider in an email.

Trump and the drama around his White House administration is comfortably ahead of royal news most of the time.

Even in the week leading up to the royal wedding, the British monarchy was mostly still second, but nonetheless managed a brief surge to the top amid a spike of interest in Markle.

It was likely helped along by the unexpected drama around the Markle family, which saw her dad dramatically dropped from the central role of walking her down the aisle during Saturday’s ceremony.

Palace officials said on Friday that Markle had asked Prince Charles to do the honors instead.

This graph, from Google’s publicly-available trending data, shows the close run Markle and Trump are having on Google.

It’s worth noting that the above graph shows relative search volume, not absolute.

So it shows how much search interest Meghan Markle is getting compared to how much she normally gets, next to Trump data compared to how much interest he gets.

It’s impossible to know from those lines who has a larger number of searches overall, but Google confirmed separately that Markle did briefly win in line with one of her spikes.

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