GoDaddy Rant

I have been using GoDaddy for hosting since around the turn of the century.

To this day, I still do not have a C-Panel despite being a long time loyal customer.

What makes matters worse is that people who started using GoDaddy after me have C-Panels.

A few days ago I received a notification from WordFence that it would no longer support WP sites using outdated PHP:

“Your site is using a PHP version (5.2.17) that will no longer be supported by Wordfence in an upcoming release and needs to be updated. We recommend using the newest version of PHP 7.x or 5.6 but will currently support PHP versions as old as 5.3.0. Version checks are run regularly, so if you have successfully updated, you can dismiss this notice or check that the update has taken effect later.”

When I asked GoDaddy about this, the response was basically “Tough noogies, all of your sites are on an antiquated part of our system. However, if you pay us thousands of dollars our team of experts will migrate them all over to the new stuff.”

A very heated argument ensued at that point.

The Godaddy guy tried to explain my situation to me with a brilliant analogy:

“Look, you’re like someone who *bought* a computer 15 years ago and is now questioning why it can’t do all the things modern computers can do.”

Do you see the problem with this?

I immediately responded with:

“Bad analogy broseph, I didn’t buy any hosting H/W or S/W. I’m not in that business, but you are. You’re like a mobile carrier launched in 1999 that doesn’t bother to keep its system updated and then tells customers that they can’t have text messaging, Internet surfing, or phones with cameras because they happen to have the bad luck of becoming subscribers too early.”

If you’re in the hosting business (or any service business) it’s up to you to keep reinvesting in the business to keep the technology up to date and competitive.

The conversation ended with a whine about how all hosting companies are facing the same problem keeping their tech up to date.

Maybe they do, but do they punish old customers like GoDaddy does?

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