Hey guys, I have an assessment due soon and winner wins a big prize. I really want to win this. There is a bunch of criteria that I need to address for my innovation subject that I’m currently doing in university. Here is the points that I need to address and what they will be:

1. What is your problem space and why?
I am addressing the issues within mental health. Specially mental health for young adult males ages between 17-28. I am doing this because I have noticed a lot of my male friends use the words like inferior and emasculated when they speak about there emotions. It is also the top 10 death for males in Australia recorded by the ABS in 2016.

2. What problem are you solving and for whom?

3. What is your POV statement and how might me question?

POV: A young adult male dealing with mental health issues feel frustrated and closed off because he feels that it is socially emasculating to talk about his emotions and experiences.

HMW: How might we help young adult males feel socially accepted within society to feel like they have the right to express themselves and seek help?

I need to address this through creating a video but I want to know what medium (e.g animation, interview)I can use to best address this issue.

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