Show me the way — I want to scratch this entrepreneurial itch

Hi there, first time posting to this sub so please forgive any faux pas’.

**Some background just for the sake of context**
I am currently finishing up a work term at a 7-5 job with a construction company. My duties involve a balance of field work and office work. Rather early on in the internship, I learned that I do not enjoy the strict “show up at 7, leave at 5, receive a paycheck” work style. Showing up at 8/9 and leaving at 6/7 instead is out of the question — you come off as lazy since no one is around to verify that you worked those hours. I’m not a morning person so the early wake-ups kill me. I’m also not a fan of working for someone other than myself. I’ve had a few work terms now and I find the boss to employee relationship stressful and uncomfortable.

So I’m going into my final year of study in September as a Civil Engineering student and I really want to take this year as an opportunity to re-focus myself on not only my studies, but also on an entrepreneurial endeavor. Going into university, my goal was to work at a firm/company where I could develop my skills as a structural engineer or architect, but after this work term I think I’m done with the daily monotonous grind. I want to do something on my own where I can grind for as many hours as I want, at any hour of the day/night, doing something I truly love, and where I answer only to myself. I have many different hobbies and interests, so I don’t really know where to start — and herein lies my questions.

**1. Would it be wise to brainstorm and take the top 2-3 ideas to work on and see what works, or should I focus on one thing at a time?**

**2. I’ve heard that building your own brand requires a lot of discipline, drive, and determination. You have to sacrifice a lot to get where you want to go and sometimes the road ahead may seem treacherous and long. Are there any signs I can look out for to be sure I’m on the right path?**

**3. Do you have any advice/key insights for someone starting from the very beginning? I feel like I’m at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up and I have no idea how I’m going to do this — I just know that I want to reach the top and plant my flag.**

**3.5. Am I being foolish by going through this much schooling only to abandon my plan to be a structural engineer/architect just to pursue this itch?**

Thank you for any help — it’s much appreciated!

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