/r/Entrepreneur Activity Analysis [Data Visualization]


The above link is a data visualization of the post and comment activity of people who post in /r/Entrepreneur. The sample size of this visualization is 396 users from the last 50 posts of this subreddit. Default subreddits were omitted, and subreddits with less than 15 submission frequency points or 100 comment frequency points (added up points of how many times a user commented or submitted a post in a given subreddit) were omitted. This is part one of the series “The Habits of Reddit’s Entrepreneurs”; part 2 will be a visualization of /r/startups, which will be completed when I get back home. The code to get the data is below (and I have open sourced the code to visualize the data at my github repository https://github.com/mike-johnson-jr, as well as the code to get the data, in the same place)

I hope /r/entrepreneur likes this kind of post

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