[Need Advice] My school project got chosen to represent my college in a startup competition. I am building a pitch deck but I do not know how to project growth from an idea. Can anyone help?

To put it simply, I did a project for a new business for my class. Teachers liked it and I’m headed to a competition with thousands of dollars in prizes. I didn’t really expect anything to come out of it, but now I have to get it together.

I’ve got what I believe is a solid pitch deck, except for a few key elements.

I have data showing market size, and I can validate it with user behavior, but the problem is I don’t know how to show how many users I’ll have.

How can I answer questions about MoM or ROI without this data? It’s a social media app for a niche group. I thought about taking the average of other social media platforms and just using that as a trajectory for my app, but I get issues with the variance between the apps, the size of my market is way smaller than what they targeted.

I had plans to gain initial users in a non-scalable way like Pinterest or HomeJoy did, but I don’t know if the judges will understand what I mean. Maybe this is untrue, but I am wondering if they will just assume that I’m an idiot for going out in person to get initial users for a social media app.

Any help or advice would be awesome. Thank you.

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