I want a photo license quote software and accounting software. What are your recommendations?

I am trying to decide between two photo quoting software that are also for general business management. I will sell fine art prints and licenses for photo wallpaper. I currently use my travel photos to make greeting cards, postcards, and calendars. I want to get my products in stores and prints and wallpapers sold to clients. I want to sell on a rights managed basis. The two programs are fotoBiz X and BlindBid. My concern with fotoBiz X is the high price of the software. I am a college student doing photography on the side. My concern with BlinkBid is the fact that it is not the most popular software. Which one of the two do you recommend? I am taking a negotiation class. I don’t want to undersell but I also don’t want to make an initial offer that is deviant.

I plan on eventually using large format film. When done right, the image quality exceeds the best digital cameras that cost as much as a car. Would a properly captured landscape on large format have more resell value than one captured on a DSLR. I currently use a Nikon D3200.

I am also looking for a good accounting software. I took basic accounting classes in the college I still attend. Is QuickBooks the best solution for me? This is so I get my records organized. If not, what is a good accounting software that will save me time and money? I also want good tax deductions.

Thanks in advance.

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