Government Contracting

As much as I’ve avoided bidding on government contracts based on my experience with them as a freelancer (lots of inefficiency and a whole lot of lazy people), they represent too good of an opportunity to ignore. BUT I don’t know a ton about being the primary contractor on a bid or writing an RFP, so I was hoping someone could help fill me in.

-I’ve heard you need to make a certain amount of revenue from more than 1 client. Is this true? Is this only the case for federal jobs?
-I know you get an advantage as a woman/minority/disabled veteran owned business. We are none of those. Is this a major disadvantage?
-I’ve heard incumbents win nearly everything (except, obviously, when there is no incumbent). Is this the case?
-My company has no past experience with the government, (though I’ve been a subcontractor on numerous government jobs as a freelancer) will this essentially rule out federal jobs? Should we start at local/state and move to federal?
-I’m aware of a service called ‘find RFP’ that provides RFPs based on your service. Is there a way to find these manually? Is it worth it to try?

And anything else you think is worth knowing. Thanks!

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