Creating a website – Out of my depth. Looking for a few pointers/recommendations to get it done.

**I apologize if this is not the perfect sub to post this in but I’m convinced some of you will have some great suggestions.** I have decent web design skills but beginner-level web development skills. I’m looking for information about an idea that I’ve already validated and want to bring to the next level. Do you guys have any recommendations for great full stack developers or agencies that I should look into? Would any of you know what languages would be used for such a website? (small summary of the features required below)


At the moment, I do everything manually and I actually have to refuse so many orders (for a service) because I can’t do it on my own and I can’t hire fast enough.


I’m looking for the following:

– Account creation with different levels so that they can be given different access to the site as they register
– Point/reward system based on a simple action done on the site (ability to restrict the # of actions per day/week/month)
– The ability for me to easily create a page (with restricted access based on levels) with a few basic requirements
– Database linked to the website in order to keep records of the reward system


There are other features, but this is mainly what I’m looking at, to begin with. I appreciate any recommendations or feedback you are willing to provide. This is pretty much all the info I can give at this moment.

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